Private Label

Private label

Our Domestic Retail operations give us the customer insights to develop products and retail concepts. We can also develop customized products according to your requirements. We present you a wide range of products from our portfolio.

With our integrated operations involving field production, processing, product development, packing and retailing, we bring you the advantage of total control over the product quality, and availability of a wide variety of products:

  • Rice Varieties – (Sorted, Graded & Packed )
  • Millets ( Raw / Processed )
  • Pulses Varieties ( Dried / Processed)
  • Forest Products ( Bulk Collection & Packaging)
    • Tamarind
    • Arrowroot
    • Siali Leaf
    • Wild Rock-bee Honey
  • Ready to eat & Ready to cook
  • Spices – Whole & Powders