Certifications & Accreditation

At Aranyak Ecoharvest , we have an ecosystem with linkage to direct Farmers/ Producers , Communities, Self Help Groups (SHG), NGOs  to market network through Retail Stores, Wholesellers, Manufacturers and e-commerce partners. We have been recognized & received approvals with various Govt. & 3rd Party agencies in our process of developing the eco-system and building our foot hold in global market place.

  1. We are registered with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) for Food inspection & repacking in our brand
    ( Click to view: FSSAI License  )
  1. We have been recognized by Startup Odisha an eco-social enterprise with significant innovation and business concept of connecting Small Farm Agri Foods (SFAF) .( Click to view: Startup Odisha Certificate)
  2. We have been also recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under Startup India.
    (Click to view: Startup India Certificate )



  1.  We have been awarded by MSME Dept. (Govt. of Odisha) with Certificate of Excellence in the Start-Up Category at International MSME Fair held at IDCO Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar.